Love for the Nature

Nature is something that I appreciate.

It’s beautiful, inspiring and just really fascinating….

Something that is really upsetting is that we consciously destroy our nature by doing a lot of horrible things.

Wouldn’t it just be amazing if we could get rid of all the chemicals, GMO etc. that’s hidden in our food and have organic farms that could produce the food, and create a more beautiful nature?

If we created a healthier way of living all of us – I believe that there could be a change… but….

Nature is so unpredictable. I think it’s fascinating in it’s way of just “having its own life” – The nature does respond on the human actions, as we see now with the global warming and extremely increased tragic natural disasters.

Benefits of the Nature:

There are so many benefits from Mother Nature in a spiritual way. And if you’re just a little bit of spiritual connected in your mind you’ll notice it straight ahead.

Nature heals our well being, it can reduce stress, anxiety, anger, fear and increase pleasant feelings. Not only is itproved that it can help you emotionally but psychically as well.
Being out in the Nature can be reducing blood pressure, stress hormones, heartrate and muscle tension. And I’m sure that there’s much more…

Well – I just wanted to make you aware ofthis, and maybe be inspired to support our nature more of make a little difference. Or just use it as a tool in your everyday life, to improve yourself.



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