My Fashion Inspiration

Well I’ve heard the question again and again “Who is your fashion icon?” – “Where does your fashion inspiration come from?” and you know what? My fashion comes from what I’m comfy with.

I think it’s really important to just be yourself, wear what you like, do what ever you like with your fashion. You don’t necessarily have to stay with one “style category” one day you can be totally classy, the other day you can me so colorfull, with me it depends what mood I’m in – And what I errands I have to run.

If I have to tell you what I get inspired of, I would say I love the classy and simple look, but at the same time I love the sporty look. Sweatpants is something I cool wear everyday if I could, but after my opinion that would be boring…. Well style is also a way to express yourself – a woman or a man that likes to take care of himself/herself shows that they have a good hygiene and wants to make a “good” impression on who ever runs buy. And that is not a negative thing. When it suddenly becomes a negative thing (in my opinion) iswhen the person that care about his/her look, can’t go outside the door without make up or the perfect cuckoo dress. That is just wrong.

Style icons that I’m absolute a fan of:

– Rihanna, her style is so unique and at the same time, it’s just chill and flawless. (she doesn’t have 1 specific style)

– Victoria Beckam, is flawless with her casual, classy style.

– & Tumblr. I love to just look at outfit pictures on Tumblr. To get inspired of what to wear.

My fav…… outfit to wear:

– A cute dress and some really simple but different sandals / stilettos / sneakers

– Joggin pants, and a loose crop t-shirt.

– A big loose t-shirt



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