Close Your Eyes

Sometimes you’ve to just close your beautiful eyes and follow your instincts – also called your intuition and beloved six sense or connection with God.

I want to bring this up as a topic because sometimes it’s really hard to just.. – Go with the flow.. We rush ourselves into things so fast that we really never were meant to do it.

Therefore, I will encourage you all to try to close your eyes and take a deep breath before making any big decision in your life – it could be a huge step for a change, what color you should paint your walls or buying an apartment or house. You name it. It could be anything.

Deeeeep Breath …. Close your eyes … Yup..

I believe that by doing this – it allowsyou to ‘follow your intuition’. You’re not making any rushed decisions or anything. You feel or crave the answer within yourself.

This is something that I really work with.If any person are good at rushed decisions well.. here I am. Anyways… at least I’m learning …

When I do this exercise while making big decisions or whatever, I get the feeling of being more secured in what direction I have to choose. I have an approach that’s much more positive and ‘safe’than when I rushed something that I didn’t really had myself by.

So remember to have yourself by yourself.

Listen to yourself, and your inner voice. I promise you, that you’ll be happy.

Much Love



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