How To Legit Stop Your Hangover


So some of you may feel a little or a lot hangover if you’d been dancing with that alcohol in ya hand all night and morning.

Here are some amazing things you can do to help & actually stop your hangover.

  1. Eat some good breakfast,
    Don’t eat junk because it will just make you feel more heavy in your head.
    Omelet, salat, and fruit is good. 
  2. Drink lots of water,
    It’s no secret that your body is dehydrated (because that’s what alcohol does to you) 
  3. Take multivitamin
  4. Sip Ginger tea
  5. Eat a banana, spinach or scrabble eggs
  6. Take walk,
    Fresh air is good for you brain, you have to give it lots of oxygen so it can fasten up the process. 
  7. Drink a sports drink
  8. HAVE SEX,
    Sex is an exercise (if you switch positions and have fun) and sex is also a way to cure a hangover.I hope you’ll feel better if you have a hangover, and actually use some of these tips. I’ve tried them and it actually works!



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