Do you listen to your heart?

Hi Friends,

I hope you’re enjoying your monday so far.

I would like to share some thoughts and words with you this evening. The topic is: follow your heart and by that I mean do you remember to listen to your heart and your intuition.

Being able to listen to your heart can be hard sometimes, especially when you’re not grounded (not in your body, not in touch with yourself). Trust me, I know everything about not being grounded at times, it sucks but because it’s so easy to let yourself get carried away by others thoughts, expectations, actions etc. You easily loose yourself. Therefore it’s good to have a reminder to keep yourself grounded, and YOU.

My personal reminder is my tattoo on my right arm. I have a zen circle, that reminds me to stay grounded and have inner peace. By looking at that from time to time, gives me my strength to remember and embrace that I have to stay grounded, be myself and be happy.

How to handle difficult situations 

When you find yourself in a really difficult situation where it’s hard for you to express yourself, say how you feel out loud, or just choose what you really want and what’s really good for you …. Try to listen to your heart.. A lot of people dig the saying “listen to your heart and you’ll know what’s right for you”, I believe it’s true, but sometimes finding that answer from your heart can be a challenge itself. I’ve found out, that life is so much easier if you listen to your heart, and let your intuition guide you through life. From my point of view it’s your Archangels that’s helping you, to go through life and stay on your path that’s chosen for you. All you need to do is be able to receive those informations – by following and listening to your heart.

It’s also easy to misunderstand the saying “follow your heart”, because a lot of people mistankes ego from heart. So take 3 deep breaths before making a decision, saying something out loud or just before doing something that means a lot to you.

Things to do to be better at listening to your heart & inner self

  • Take 3 deep breaths before making any big decisions.
  • Create inner peace within yourself by meditation, exercise, yoga etc.
  • Explore and develop your creative mind.
  • Take your alone time.
  • Ask your Archangels for help.
  • Be aware of signs of your prayers.


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