Emotional unstable

Have you ever tried to feel so emotional unstable that you didn’t know what to do with yourself?  Well let me tell you one thing…. I differently have, and it’s not a nice feeling.

Sometimes you just feel so caught up in your feelings, that it’s hard to know whats real and what’s not. But luckily there’s a cure for that.

When you feel unbalanced or unstable to function within your mind say a  little prayer – do some meditation put on some relaxing  music or opposite put on some party music and dance your ass of, go to the gym use your body or scream out loud in the middle of a wood / forest / desert (has to be a nature place) Actually using your body creates adrenalin, which helps you to get rid of the bad emotions … yup it works. And I like to just shake them off when necessary.

Much Love



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