Please Follow Your Dreams

Dreams, Goals is a funny thing.

It’s something that drives us humans, to do our best and try things outside our comfort zone.

Sometimes it can be hard to follow your dreams and ambitions because of the surroundings judging you.
One thing that’s really important to remember is that people that have no relationship to you have no right to judge you. Only you, should know good from wrong.

“Give your all to reach your goal
But don’t harm others on the way”
– Amanda Hidayat Krebs

We dream big, we dream small we dream about everything. But what’s everything? People have different desires and that’s what makes us individuals so special. There are space enough for everybody, Plenty of material things for everybody. Dreams is not just about getting ‘my dream car’ or something else, it can also be a feeling. To have a goal of feeling loved by a lover or create a family etc.
Seeing people going in different directions to achieve their goal, is just amazing.

How often do you say “I’m so happy that you’ve got that job and love it” or “I feel truly happy that you’re okay” and mean it from deep within? Small things like this, can help you with being more happy, and feel things a little more.

I have a dream, of becoming a person that have an influence to help Mother Earth from a bigger perspective. Not only do I want to help Mother Earth, but I want humanity to belive in love that’s lost. Everybody is seeking to be loved and give love. A lot of love is taken for granted, and a lot of love is fake. It may sound like a little hippie saying I want peace and harmony, because I know that the world can’t live in peace at all time. But I do know that we have much more to offer.
The human brain and consciousness is so amazing, wise, and powerfull but we don’t know it. Some people do, and use it for better and worse. But some people are too afraid of trying the unknown, so they stay in their comfort zone.

I’m just saying keep the faith in yourself, carry yourself as a royal. You’re gonna make it, if you just think positive and focus on enjoying the way.

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