At the moment I’m preparing myself for this year and upcoming year which is going to be over the top amazing. I’m so greatful for all these amazing opportunities that’s ahead and already here. And I can’t wait to share my journey with you all.


So what’s really going on?

Well right now I’m staying in Copenhagen working out everyday more than 2 times a day to get in shape really fast, so I can start modelling again. My agency/ Management wants me to stay focused and really get in shape so I can start work asap. So That’s mainly what I’m doing at the moment. My craveings are craaazyyyyy, but I’ve heard that it should be a sign of you starting to ‘loose’….

I just finished my drivers test which means I HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE .. Finalllllyyy …

My book is something that I’m still working on, it takes time because I want it to be PERFECT. I can’t wait until it’s getting released.


What happend to XOAASYA

Because I’ve chose to focus on Me, Myself & I – I’ve closed but – It’s still on instagram and take orders through email. I’m closing it for good soon, or putting the brand on standby. Maybe I’ll have something for you guys in some years..

If you have any questions or anything feel free to write me.






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