Hello from Tenerife!

Hi Everyone!

A little update from Tenerife if you don’t follow me on instagram or snap’ish..

I’m still in Tenerife, enjoying being away from the cold Denmark. It’s not that warm here, but it’s a lot warmer than Denmark at the moment / that means there’s no snow here or frost weather.

We just got back to the hotel now, and have a wonderful view in one room we have the mountain side, the other the ocean side. So that’s pretty cool.

I won’t lie to you all about this trip, we came here to celebrate my Granspas birthday and so we did, even though I went to bed early (my energy is hard to keep up with at the moment) But he enjoyed it and it was a succes.

At the moment I’m dealing with a lot of personal stuff, which is hard to handle when being with family. Because they’re so close to me, I have a easy way of pushin’ it to the limit. (not my best side) but you know, It’s whateva’ and it is what it is.


The Island is AMAZING! at first I thought I was about to arrive to a wack tourist paradise with so many people that you actually wanted to hit somebody but no. There’s people here but not too crowded.

The nature here is beautiful, there’s a vulcano (the 3rd biggest in the world), waterfalls, crazy beaches etc. There’s a lot of activities and nature to explore (just don’t bring an old man that can’t hike, haha)
Weather here is mixed as well, it’s warm some days, and cold and rainy others so this week is not really a tanning week as I had hoped. But fuck it, there’s palm trees which is my weakness. Wuhuuuuwww…









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