So today is Valentines Day……

In Denmark Valentines Day was not usually a big thing, but as we managed to follow up with the modern world it became bigger and bigger.

For me personal Valentines Day is Cozy, I’ve never really celebrated it like that. Of course if you’re in a relationship something personal time would be could to take care of the relationship. Buuuuttt I mean, flowers should be given even though it’s not valentines day, right?  And showing your love for each other should also be visible right?

Anyways, we all have different opinions on Valentines Day, I’m glad to see that the world have a day that focus on love for each other, because love is something special. Even though if you don’t have a love one, then show love to your nearst.

My Valentines Day 2017

My valentines day has been mixed emotions, I went to see a Vulcano called Teide (the 3rd largest in the world, and Europes biggest) It was pretty amazing. I’m amazed by Mother Nature it’s force and powers of controlling the Universe and just life on this Planet.

I hope You’re enjoying your Valentines Day, I am certainly.




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