Turkey Bacon Omelette

An Easy but delicious breakfast is always nice to make.

Sometimes i like to make this, because it’s really important that you don’t eat the same everyday. Your body needs variations.
Actually this meal is taken from a diet where you eat this every morning for weeks and only vegetables in the diet they eat bacon (pig) – But I don’t really eat pig therefore I make it with turkey instead.

With the turkey bacon there are much more meat instead of fat and other hormons. I actually have heard that in bacon you’ll find cancer cells. But don’t hang me up on that one, you’ll need to google it.

Recipe (for 1 portion)


1 Egg

Salt & Pepper

1 piece of turkey Bacon

Before you start take the egg out in a glass an mix it with salt & pepper.

  1. Heat the pan & then apply the turkey bacon.
  2. When you feel the bacon it’s almost done, then you apply the egg above it.
  3. Flip it
  4. & done#EASYPEASY




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